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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

The environmental degradation of our planet has been one of the highly debated topics in the last decade. Various concepts have emerged in order to find solutions to the problem. Ecology and sustainable growth have been identified as the primary solutions for the time being. Environmental awareness was also introduced into the world of fashion, and yet it was not very successful, however, there has been a change in the situation.

For nearly two decades, people have relied on fast fashion, a relatively new concept that entails rapid garment production at a low cost. This supply chain and production efficiency is achieved through the retailer's understanding of the customer's desires, which include having high-fashion-looking garments at reasonable prices.

We try to combine the speed to market concept with ethical production practices by using recyclable materials makes our brand Twill Active a truly sustainable brand. We are aiming to do more in the future collections. 

Our customers prefer seamless activewear because it is flexible, breathable, non-restrictive, and does not bind. When the body moves, the reduction of seams allows for more flexibility. With moisture-wicking treatments, not only our clothes provide Day-to-Night casual wear but will also make it comfortable and hassle-free.

Moisture-wicking treatment is the process where moisture (sweat) is moved away from your skin during physical activity. Fabrics treated with moisture-wicking serves two functions, the first is to quickly transfer sweat to the fabric's top layer, and the second is to quickly dry out so that your sweat does not soak through the fabric. Wearing moisture-wicking fabrics makes physical activity more enjoyable and comfortable because it allows your body to regulate its temperature and prevents your clothing from feeling sticky and damp afterwards. All our clothing is treated with moisture wicking finish.

Sustainable fashion is linked to ethical fashion. Sustainable fashion employs environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton. Natural dyes are used instead of chemicals, and water consumption is closely monitored throughout the process.

Workers are provided with safe and clean working environments, and there is genuine transparency between consumer and company, All the way from development to manufacturing, distribution, and consumption. It's time to abandon our throw-away mentality. We can wear our clothes for longer if we shop sustainably and prioritise quality over quantity. We know we're supporting good causes and, in some small way, helping the world. Shop Sustainable!

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