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Twill Active Essentials

When we think workout essentials, we think gym sets, we think workout sweatshirts and crewneck jumpers. We think comfort without giving up support. That's exactly what our essentials line brings to your wardrobe and your workouts. The stretchy materials are durable, made of organic cotton, and always responsibly sourced so that you don't have to feel bad about wearing premium style. With our essentials collection, you can be part of the solution while looking great and feeling great!

Everyone is sure to find a favourite look with this collection of women's zip-up sweatshirts, jumpers, and other gym sets. Crush those HIIT workouts, at-home exercises, or hit the park running in your favourite colours and styles.

Activewear to Fit Your Life

Whether you want to go casual and lounge around the house in comfort or get envious stares while you sweat at the gym, these essentials have everything you need. They're trendy but perfectly designed to keep you warm in cooler temperatures without leaving you feeling overheated when you've got your workout on. 

The oversized fit of our crewneck sweatshirts will give you that comfy vibe, making them perfect for any kind of weather or occasion. The organic cotton fabric feels super soft against your skin, and it looks fabulous, too!

Essential Styles

Lounge shorts work great paired with the sweatshirts for a cosy and snuggly day at home, or you can try them with a sports bra (also made of sustainably-sourced recycled fabrics) for exercising and biking outfits. Seamless leggings are a great option with the sweatshirts for a nice chilly day with a mug of something hot in your hands! 

The sweatshirts come in funnel neck zip-up form, too, giving you the flexibility to have the look you want. You can try them zipped up or down, depending on the weather and your mood, and there are plenty of bold, eye-catching colours to choose from. 

You can mix and match with the pieces in this collection and everything else we have in stock to create your perfect look. Want something that is uniquely you? Maybe one of our crewneck jumpers or sweatshirts works well with a ribbed unitard to give you that combination of snug and loose, sexy and comfy, for the ultimate workout set. Or maybe you can find the right pair of booty shorts to go with your zip-up, giving you the options that you need to be comfortable no matter how hard you pedal!

With Twill activewear sets, the most essential piece is you!