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How to improve your gym wardrobe in 2022

How to improve your gym wardrobe in 2022

2022 has finally arrived, and what better way to celebrate a new beginning than having a look over your fitness situation. Are you a current gym go-er? Are you considering it for the first time ever? Maybe you’re anxious about going back from a long break?

Whatever it may be, like anything else in life, the right clothes are the perfect support frame for your new goals. This includes working out and going to the gym.

You can absolutely wear an old baggy T-shirt and shorts, after all, we all work out to better ourselves physically and mentally, not to impress anyone there. Although, have you thought how the wrong clothes affect your movement? Or if there’s a chance the wrong clothes could be causing irritation and/or discomfort during your workout?

What you wear impacts you mentally

It may be an old movie stereotype that wearing clothes that fit well and feel good, make you feel better in yourself. A baggy t-shirt might be that safety net you need, but it won’t let you see the progress you make and it won’t make you feel like you’re up to the challenge. We all associate baggy, old clothing with a more relaxed and easy-going environment, perhaps something along the lines of ‘lounging around’. By wearing this to the gym, we bring that mentality from our homes to the outside world, making the idea of working out more daunting. If at first, the idea of wearing shorts and a gym top is a little intimidating, try one of our jumpsuits instead. Designed for comfort with casual styling, this is the perfect piece for your new workout wardrobe and can be layered with hoodies or casual pants for life outside the gym. Twill Active wants to bridge that gap between a busy lifestyle and a healthy one.

Let’s not forget we all have our favourite ways of dressing. Whether that would be colour or cut of clothing to flatter our figures, we have our own personal styles. No one should be sacrificing their unique look at the gym or at their yoga class.

Materials, fit and the bigger picture

The fashion industry, and particularly the one aimed at people who love a good work out is as equally full of cheap, poor-quality fabric as it is with high quality. There’s no doubt in any professional’s mind that the right fabric can make all the difference in how you feel during a workout and after it.

Our bodies sweat when they move, and whether your workout is light and casual or intense, your body will let you know you’re moving by sweating. Our everyday clothes simply aren’t designed to handle that sweat. During a workout, our bodies need to breathe; if the fabrics you’re wearing are trapping that sweat by your skin, it can cause irritation and overheating -not exactly a motivating state to be in-.

The word you’re looking for when buying gym clothes is ‘wicking’. This refers to fabrics designed to keep the sweat away from your skin and let it evaporate faster, helping you stay cool and comfortable.

Sizing plays a huge factor in how we feel about ourselves and how well our workout goes. The last thing you need is your clothes refusing to stretch with you or even ripping open at the most awkward times. Take for example a sports bra. The wrong fit can easily become a source of pain and discomfort, quickly turning a gym session into a nightmare. When choosing what you need for your workout consider what it is you will be doing. A high intensity workout with a lot of sweating will naturally put emphasis on needing breathable and moisture wicking fabric. A yoga session for example, you’ll need to focus on finding clothes that will stretch with your body. Lastly, only buy cotton if your work out is low intensity as cotton absorbs moisture.

So, it is important to choose sports bras and other gym clothing with consideration. Make sure the brand supplies a large selection of sizes so that you can be supported at any part of your health journey; and be on the lookout for seamless fabric as it offers a more comfortable fit. Gym clothes are not designed for you to fit into them but for them to fit you. If your clothing is preventing you from a drama free workout, chances are the fabric or sizing is wrong for you.

The big topic last year was climate change and sustainability. The demand for sustainable clothing has risen as the world looked deeper into the impact we have on our planet with the things we buy. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes tough to find brands that look good and do good at the same time. Thankfully, at Twill Active, all our pieces are made from recycled polyamide and are therefore sustainable and better for the planet than run of the mill workout gear. At Twill Active, we believe that there is no need to sacrifice the planet for a chic and luxury gym wardrobe.

At Twill Active we’ve worked hard to combine style with quality to ensure you can feel good inside and out. We’ve all been in situations where our gym clothes simply didn’t do a good enough job. There’s nothing more unmotivating than having to interrupt your work out by constantly readjusting your clothes or worse yet, throwing them out every few months as the quality just simply isn’t there. We’ve built a range that’s made to last at a great quality-price ratio.

So whatever goals you choose to achieve in this New Year, we wish you many happy gym sessions and a healthy road ahead. Make sure to follow us on our social media sites and be on the lookout for more styles coming your way!

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