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how to start a healthy morning routine

4 Ways to Start a Healthy Morning Routine

If you can't seem to wake up, fret about your daunting to-do list, and grab anything on your way out the door - no matter how healthy - this article is for you.

We cannot overstate the importance of having a healthy morning routine. It is our first hour or two in the morning that has the biggest impact on our physical, psychological, and emotional health the rest of the day. These types of routines reduce stress, improve metabolism, and even improve sleep quality.

Creating a ritual will help you start your day off right and be ready to tackle any challenge that might come your way. Here are Twill Active's 4 ways to set up a healthy morning routine that works for everyone:


Stay hydrated

Even while you're asleep, your body continues to work. Your body requires water for all of these functions, just like gasoline keeps your car running. Drinking lots of water in the morning can also help clean your body of any toxins your body metabolized while you slept. 

Drink green tea with ginger and lemon

After hydrating your body with water, drink green tea with lemon and ginger. This is a great way to give your body a much-needed energy boost as opposed to high caffeine drinks such as coffee and energy drinks. If you drink three glasses a day for three days, you'll be surprised how much better you feel. 

Make Breakfast a Priority

Every nutritionist will tell you that a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day. The problem is that it isn't always that simple. In a rush to get to work, it's easier to grab whatever's nearby on your way out or to go through the drive-thru than to prepare something. 

Be prepared for breakfast by planning ahead. Make your own energy bars, prepare your shakes in advance so they just need blending, and experiment with healthy snack options. We promise your body will thank you.

Getting active early is key

Getting motivated to work out or go for a run is sometimes difficult-particularly when you're just getting out of bed. Starting your day with exercise, though, boosts your endorphins, which improves your mood immediately. Also, by exercising in the morning, you don't have to work up the energy later in the day to run on the treadmill or hit a gym class after work - bonus!

Create a Routine – And Stick to It!

No matter how you start the day, you must have a ritual. Test out a few of these, mix and match, or even come up with your own. You will soon discover that you sleep better, are more relaxed, and can manage your time more effectively. A healthy morning routine that works for you will become second nature over time.


Morning routines are personal, so find what works best for you and stick with it! If you can make small changes that will have a positive impact on your day-to-day life, then why not give them a try? What do you have to lose? We promise that if you follow these four tips, your mornings will be off to a great start and you'll feel more productive and happier all day long.

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