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What to Wear to the Airport: 3 Chic Outfit Ideas

What to Wear to the Airport: 3 Chic Outfit Ideas

It's never too early to start planning, is it? Travel is slowly picking up across the globe, so why wait? Whether it's a short flight to Ibiza or your backpacking the other side of the world, airport outfits can be tricky. Lucky for you, Twill Active has rounded up a few of our favourite airport outfit ideas!

The temptation to grab your jogging pants and an oversized sweater from under the bed is strong. Fortunately, you have other options as well. You don't have to go OTT with your airport outfit; but putting together something cosy and stylish is well worth the effort. Start your vacation the right way by nailing your pre-holiday look.

*Even if you and your girl gang haven't got a trip away on the cards just yet, you can still daydream about jetting off somewhere exotic while browsing our favourite travel fits.*


Comfy Outfit Inspo

Some of us just want to be as comfortable as possible when going to the airport. You just want to get through security and check-in as easy as possible and relax the whole journey. 

Tracksuit Joggers

Tracksuits in every colourway are a girls' wardrobe necessity. You can never have too much loungewear, especially during the winter months! They're not only easy to wear and style but also work with all your seasonal looks.

If you want to add a touch of luxury, combine your joggers with an oversized blazer and some oversized sunglasses - serious main character energy!

Cute Inspo

So that's comfy sorted, but what if you want to make a bit more of a statement? Inject some personality into your airport look with this super cute option:

Cycling shorts + oversized t-shirt combo

There is nothing quite like a cute airport outfit combination, and this is one at Twill Active we'll never tire of. Cycle shorts are incredibly easy to style, which makes them a great choice for pre-flight wear. Adding an oversized graphic t-shirt and sneakers completes your airport look. 

Pack your teddy bear coat for the flight to keep you warm.


For those of you who live in activewear even when you are not exercising, we strongly advise that you check out some stylish but comfortable choices for your go-to airport outfits:

Coordinated-Gym Set and matching essentials

If you want to nail the sporty look, you can never go wrong with a matching activewear set. Also, it guarantees that you'll have something to wear if you plan on doing yoga on the beach or checking out the hotel gym.  

We highly recommend our Mink ribbed gym set for the ultimate comfort and style combination. 

Team this look up with chunky trainers to arrive to your final destination looking fresh!


Now you've got your airport outfit locked in, all that's left is to choose your destination. Bon voyage! 

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